LTTR is a feminist, genderqueer artist collective originally based in New York. In the early 2000s, the group engaged in ambitious editorial work and knowledge gathering that resulted in an annual journal, performance events, and video programs, among other things. LTTR catalyzed a vibrant queer community in formation through collaboration, organizing, explicit discourse, journal making, and distribution. The journal, half work of art, half political event, took on a new guise for each issue, ranging from spiral notebooks with golden inscriptions to manila envelopes to LP covers. LTTR constantly created new dialogues and challenged given forms, including their own. The acronym LTTR was in constant motion and was to be read in a multitude of ways,

including Lesbians To The Rescue, Listen Translate Translate Record, Lesbians Tend To Read, and Lacan Teaches To Repeat.

The exhibition Here We LTTR: 2002– 2008 includes the group’s five issues of the journal as well as photographs and other documentation of LTTR’s social energy. Local and international guests connected to LTTR and to queer art, activism, and research, guided a series of walk-throughs in the exhibition. In collaboration with Stockholm-based architect Sarah Brolund de Carvalho, LTTR designed an installation that also features two video programs curated by LTTR, as well as documentation of performance evenings and other events.

Coinciding with the exhibition, the LTTR website has been redesigned in collaboration with Sara Kaaman, a designer based in Stockholm.

LTTR has presented public projects at The Generali Foundation, The Kitchen, Art In General, and received Printed Matter’s Emerging Artist Publication Award in 2005.