Drip, Seep, Run
Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Materials: sandstone, crushed shale, black locust lumber and hardware, HDPE pipes and connectors; concrete plinths

Drip Seep Run is a permanent artwork located in Schenley Park where groundwater springs emerge along Hollow Run Trail. The piece moves underground spring water, making it visible to passersby, creating an invitation to trail users to pause and consider one’s connection to water, as well as a site for contemplation and rest—whether that is for ritual cleansing or a place where groundwater flow can be experienced as something aesthetic. This spring was chosen because of its proximity to the trail, as well as the flow of water being more perennial than other considered sites, meaning that there will be more water flowing throughout the seasons. The groundwater from this seep is channeled to flow through a series of custom sandstone basins—following the path it naturally flows—downhill along the trail, across the trail, and flowing into the stream, so that this flow is made visible. Additionally, a sandstone marker inscribed with directional text is placed on Lower Panther Hollow Trail, as a sight line piece to direct one’s view to the artwork below.

This piece was designed with  Ethos Collaborative. The sandstone pieces were fabricated by Butler Stone Craft.