Week 4: Sheboygan Rainbow Viewfinder Iterations

I’m starting to think about my Viewfinder piece as a collection of elements rather than a singular object. The Rainbow Viewfinder as collection of elements that can be configured as an installation in a gallery setting.  Here are some of the elements: At the end of the residency—in two weeks—I plan to create an audio […]

Interview with Aimée Suárez Netzahualcoyótl

July 5, 2024 Ginger:  I’m visiting Aimée Suarez Netzahualcoyótl’s studio in the MacLean Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. On the wall are lots of pages with text, and it looks like it’s referencing audio recordings, maybe an interview. There’s a drawing of a bird and all of the text is […]

How do I studio…

June 29, 2024 As a project-based artist, I’m usually moving between places and activities. Not everything happens in the studio, but the studio is a place that holds the art practice. It’s the place where I am alone with my thoughts; and it’s also the place where I invite people into my art. Currently, I’m […]


I am a project-based artist who launches large-scale public projects that are platforms for intimate interaction. My work exists at the intersections where social practice, sculpture, installation, and performance meet. I call it a conceptual, site responsive, research-based practice. I think of art as part of our environments, in direct conversation with the so-called natural […]