General Sister's

General Sister's Soup Subscription

General Sister’s Soup Subscription

The Winter Soup Subscription is a weekly soup delivery service started by Dana Bishop-Root. Each week we make a different soup and deliver it to subscribers in the Pittsburgh area. Soups range from Potato Leek to Kimchi Stew. Through these lovingly crafted soups, the reusable containers, and the relations with our subscribers, we are articulating our values around exchange, and what is to come from General Sister’s General Store.

General Sister's Roofing

General Sister's Roofing, 2009

Last week we spent an incredible time with something we had been wanting to do for many months. We went onto the roof of a store in North Braddock near Pittsburgh and started to repair the roof. Megan, Dean, Dana, Ginger and Emma, all working out how to do this for the first time, with help from local friends Joel, Kristin and Tony. We took off part of the existing roof, and added new parts and joined new part to old parts. We worked on the rafters and the beams, which support the roofing materials.

General Sister's Garden

General Sister's Garden, North Braddock, PA
Developed by Dana Bishop-Root with my helping hands

Formerly the yard surrounding an old plumber's workshop, the yard slopes down the hill, and opens up into a smaller flat plot that was used as a parking space for some time. Here grows: nettles, sage, a mulberry tree, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, arugula, sunflowers, lemon balm, mint, shiso, myoga, motherwort, lavender, ashwaganda, and so many others.

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