MEN at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

MEN at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, 2010
Public performance with Celeste Dupuy-Spencer and five percussionists: Montserrat Revah Lacouture, Maribel Pedraza, Gabriela Orta Quinta, Tania Castro Govea, and Alma Gracia Estrada

MEN is a live band and collaboration of Emily Roysdon, JD Samson, Michael O’Neill and myself. Together we conceptualized a live performance for Museo Tamayo with a growing drum corp that expanded as the show went on. The performance was also a collaboration with Celeste Dupuy-Spencer a New York-based painter and muralist who joined us to create new work that became the environment which we performed in. We painted our costumes in a similar fashion, implicating our bodies into the set.

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