Sister, Sister! I donated this to the Lesbian Herstory Archive Benefit!

Sister, sister
Pencil on paper, 8" x 10", 2006
Made on the occasion of The Third Leg's "Wecome to Gayside" exhibition
Eastern Edge Gallery, St Johns, Newfoundland

So, go get it or something else!
December 19, 2009

I am learning how to paint: Cathy Opie

Oil on canvas, 2007

I started taking painting lessons in October 2007. My teacher Celeste Dupuy-Spencer asked me on the first day, "So, what do you want to paint?" and I got nervous--I had no idea. I looked around her studio and thought maybe her dog? But no, fur is hard to start with. So we decided that I would learn by copying a painting. She started looking through some book of 19th century Dutch painting and I started flipping through Harmony Hammond's Lesbian Art in America. I originally was like "Oh, I should paint a Nicole Eisenman!" But Celeste said NO WAY. "You can't do that because she's my teacher." I landed on Cathy Opie's back. My first painting!


September 25, 2007

Let's re-live some part of my Michigan Women's Music Festival experience this summer. Tees and bags I made will be for sale--Joan Armatrading full frontal print and Live and Let Lez--at LTTR's table at the New York Book Art Fair. I will be there with Hardy, Roysdon, and Edie Fake. All five issues of LTTR will be available for public browsing.
For those of you unable to make the fair who want some Michigan souveniers, feel free to use the contact form on this site.

548 West 22nd Street (10th & 11th Aves)
Friday/Saturday, September 28/29, 2007, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, September 30, 2007, 11am - 5pm


Julius bootleg print, 2006-7
silkscreen and colored pencil on paper, 18"x24"

Julius is the oldest gay bar in West Village.
During one of my first visits to the bar, upon being introduced to the late and great bartender Joe, I inquired about this drawing signed Lowry, 1978. Not much information was culled regarding Lowry or the drawing. It's just there on the wall with all the other pieces of history. I offered my screenprinting services to the bar and made some bootleg tees and posters.

Our nature is our virture

cotton thread on paper, 5 3/4" x 7 1/2", 2006-7
Adopting text from Monique Wittig’s 1975 novel The Lesbian Body, I traipse between worlds of sexuality, violence, and love. With images of the Abu Ghraib prison perversions in our conscious and subconscious, I enter into this territory of violence, permitting the viewer to reflect on their own sexuality and desire.

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