General Sister's Roofing

General Sister's Roofing, 2009

Last week we spent an incredible time with something we had been wanting to do for many months. We went onto the roof of a store in North Braddock near Pittsburgh and started to repair the roof. Megan, Dean, Dana, Ginger and Emma, all working out how to do this for the first time, with help from local friends Joel, Kristin and Tony. We took off part of the existing roof, and added new parts and joined new part to old parts. We worked on the rafters and the beams, which support the roofing materials.

General Sister's Garden

General Sister's Garden, North Braddock, PA
Developed by Dana Bishop-Root with my helping hands

Formerly the yard surrounding an old plumber's workshop, the yard slopes down the hill, and opens up into a smaller flat plot that was used as a parking space for some time. Here grows: nettles, sage, a mulberry tree, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, arugula, sunflowers, lemon balm, mint, shiso, myoga, motherwort, lavender, ashwaganda, and so many others.


LTTR, 2001-2006

LTTR is a feminist gender queer artist collective with a flexible project-oriented practice. LTTR produces an annual independent art journal, performance series, events, screenings and collaborations. LTTR is dedicated to highlighting the work of radical communities whose goals are sustainable change, queer pleasure, and critical feminist productivity. It seeks to create a build a context for a culture of critical thinkers whose work not only speaks in dialogue with one another, but consistently challenges its own form by shifting shape and design to best respond to contemporary concerns.
LTTR presented public projects at The Generali Foundation, The Kitchen, Art In General, and Printed Matter, and received Printed Matter’s Emerging Artist Publication Award in 2005.

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MEN at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

MEN at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, 2010
Public performance with Celeste Dupuy-Spencer and five percussionists: Montserrat Revah Lacouture, Maribel Pedraza, Gabriela Orta Quinta, Tania Castro Govea, and Alma Gracia Estrada

MEN is a live band and collaboration of Emily Roysdon, JD Samson, Michael O’Neill and myself. Together we conceptualized a live performance for Museo Tamayo with a growing drum corp that expanded as the show went on. The performance was also a collaboration with Celeste Dupuy-Spencer a New York-based painter and muralist who joined us to create new work that became the environment which we performed in. We painted our costumes in a similar fashion, implicating our bodies into the set.


projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, 2001-2006

a touring exhibit of artist books, zines, and independent publications, organized within an old trailer transformed into a gallery/reading room

MOBILIVRE was developed and sustained by a fluctuating group of Canadian and American artists for five years. Each year we took a newly curated collection of artist books across our two countries, visiting community centers, libraries, universities, and artist-run centers, often in far, remote places. Artist books and zines typically stay in their respective communities. In an effort to challenge this and demystify our practices as well as the process of zine and bookmaking, our visits included free, public access to a rotating collection of over 400 works as well as technical bookbinding workshops and artist talks.

Apologies and Further Concessions

Apologies and Further Concessions
Exhibition Curated by Erin Sickler
March 25 – May 1, 2010
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 24, 7 to 9 pm
Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson
Jennifer Grimyser
Mary Mattingly
Ginger Brooks Takahashi with Dana Bishop-Root
Tim Thyzel
Hong-An Truong


in collaboration with Dana Bishop-Root for Ulrike Müller's drawing project
'A graphic of the island of lesbos with icons depicting different sites and tourist activities'
ink on paper, 2009

Letterpress edition available through

Butch in the Bog/She tends to flag on the left

Butch in the bog/She tends to flag on the left, 2008
collaboration with Celeste Dupuy-Spencer
mural (acrylic), collection of drawings, paintings
made on the occasion of Pink & Bent at Leslie Lohman Gallery, NY


October 11, 2007

Space for Actualisation
Hamburg, Germany

Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Ulrike Mueller


14. October - 03. November 2007

Sunday, 14.10.07.
from 7 pm.

“A whip is a great way to get someone to be here now.
They can’t look away from it, and they can’t think about anything else.”
Pat Califia, A Secret Side of Lesbian Sexuality, in: The Advocate, December 27, 1979

New York based artists Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Ulrike Mueller present their new video work "Whip" as well as drawings and paper works. They approach their projects in a process and deal with the venue, its surrounding space and the prevailing social circumstances.

Sex in the City! with The Third Leg

September 25, 2007

The Third Leg branches out with a new collaborative piece made for Sex in the City, a mostly painting show in Brooklyn. "Down the road a ways" was conceptualized by Leidy Churchman, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, and Sam Lopes while vacationing in Maine together on Mount Desert Island. Driftwood was gathered and communities dreamed. And upon return to Brooklyn, three days of painting together created this new piece.

Dumbo Art Center
30 Washington Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel. 718-694-0831

Sex in the City
September 15-December 2, 2007

A.K. Burns
Boris Torres
Chitra Ganesh
David Humphrey
Donnie and Travis
Edie Fake and Dewayne Slightweight
Jayson Keeling
Kathe Burkhardt
Marilyn Minter
Marina Adams
Mickalene Thomas
Suzanne McClelland
The Third Leg with Leidy Churchman & Sam Lopes
Ulrike Müller
Vanessa Chimera
Will Villalongo

Curated by Dean Daderko with Marina Adams

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