LTTR, 2001-2006

LTTR is a feminist gender queer artist collective with a flexible project-oriented practice. LTTR produces an annual independent art journal, performance series, events, screenings and collaborations. LTTR is dedicated to highlighting the work of radical communities whose goals are sustainable change, queer pleasure, and critical feminist productivity. It seeks to create a build a context for a culture of critical thinkers whose work not only speaks in dialogue with one another, but consistently challenges its own form by shifting shape and design to best respond to contemporary concerns.
LTTR presented public projects at The Generali Foundation, The Kitchen, Art In General, and Printed Matter, and received Printed Matter’s Emerging Artist Publication Award in 2005.

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Hot Topic

limited edition screenprinted poster, 8 1/2" x 11", 2006
designed and handprinted for Hot Topic at Bard Center for Curatorial Studies
printed at the Lower East Side Printshop

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