June 8, 2007

This Saturday I'll be hosting a quilting forum as part of Summer School at PS 122.
come sew and bring your new favorite poetry or feminist mystical texts to read aloud

Summer School is a temporary school that offers
lectures, workshops and performances led by artists.
Free and open to the public, Summer School playfully
adapts educational strategies to transmit alternative
knowledge. Events will run from June 2-24. All events
at PS122 Gallery.

Ginger Brooks Takahashi “An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail”
A open “quilting bee” to continue a quilt that has
been in progress for two years. The end product of
this workshop is not the quilt itself, but rather the
process —the informal gatherings and invaluable dialog
between friends and strangers.

Jonah Bokaer “A Moving Body in the Built Domain”
A lecture/demo on the applications of digital media
towards organizing movements for the human body. This
includes the history of dance on camera; 1990s digital
animation techniques; new technologies of 3D movement
capture; and ideas of movement and “the maquette” and
“the database”. We will experiment with DanceForms 1.0
and Improvisation Technologies.

+ + +
SUNDAY June 10
Benj Gerdes “Uneven Development on Super-8”
A workshop exploring how to make a film about a
structure that is not fully visible. We will shoot,
process, and screen a group-authored Super-8 film all
in one afternoon, which will address predatory real
estate development in the neighborhood around PS122.
Super-8mm film will serve as a method of accessing a
prior historical moment in the same neighborhood.

+ + + +
where: PS122 Gallery, 9th st. btwn 1st and Ave A.
more: www.ps122gallery. org/summerschool
and: Please visit the exhibition “Everybody is Friends
with Paulo Friere,” upstairs in the PS122 Classroom
(just around the corner at 150 1st Avenue, ring the
bell for entrance)

+ + + +
Organized by HOMEWORK (Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Carlos
Motta, Lize Mogel, Jeuno JE Kim)