Welcome to Gayside

poster, reverse side

offset on newsprint, 22" x 15", 2006
made on the occasion of the exhibition "Welcome to Gayside" at Eastern Edge Gallery, St Johns Newfoundland
included as an artist multiple in LTTR V, 2007

In 1985, residents of Gayside, Newfoundland, a small town in the Canadian Maritimes voted to re-name their hometown, Baytona after enduring increased harassment. Was this an effort to distance the small town from any references to gay culture, especially in light of a new, terrifying AIDS epidemic? Inspired by this tale, and mindful of the climate of social prejudice in heat of the 1980s AIDS crisis, The Third Leg locates another Gayside.

The work of The Third Leg instigates dialog with local queer communities and illuminates complex issues such as societal and internalized homophobia with disarming humor and wit.

The Third Leg is the collaboration between Canadian artists Onya Hogan-Finlay and Logan MacDonald and American artist Ginger Brooks Takahashi. Together, they have created wall drawings, zines, and installations for La Centrale, Montreal; Eastern Edge, St Johns, Newfoundland; Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn; John Connelly Presents, NY, and Participant Inc, NY. They have produced two limited edition zines “Glorious Holes”, 2005 and “Welcome to Gayside”, 2006. Activated by the un-scripted encounters and spontaneous gestures of participants, The Third Leg has facilitated events including a drop-in quilting bee forum in Montreal, a radical reading series in a simulated bathroom in Brooklyn, and a coming-out dance party in a remote Newfoundland town. The Third Leg’s practice responds to the urgent task of activating and archiving queer culture.