Find some driftwood on the beach

Three sculptures made on the occasion of Parallel Play
Silvershed, New York, Spring 2010

UP PALM for Rachael (left)
a chair for Miriam (center)
Helping to build her dream house (right)
Hand-carved driftwood, cobb (mud, straw, sand, water), burlap, chair, rag
Dimensions variable

Parallel Play
Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Lee Maida, Jen Smith
May 16 - June 5, 2010

Los Angeles-based Artist Curated Projects presents Parallel Play, a
three-woman show, featuring the work of Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Lee
Maida and Jen Smith. The work in Parallel Play considers the
materiality of bodily effort and pleasure as it intervenes with craft,
sexuality and politics. Communal strategies of dialogue and
intervention inform the exhibition.

119 West 25th, PH
New York, NY 10001


in collaboration with Dana Bishop-Root for Ulrike Müller's drawing project
'A graphic of the island of lesbos with icons depicting different sites and tourist activities'
ink on paper, 2009

Letterpress edition available through

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